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Underwater Case

Tteoobl Universal 
Universal for DSLR

G11/G12 Underwater Case
• Material Body: Plastic (APS)
• Maximum depth: 40 meters (about 130 feets)
• Dimensions: 156 mm x 126 mm x 121 mm
• Weight: 570 g
• Tripod thread: 1/4"-20

• Canon PowerShot G11, G12

Package Included
• 1x Waterproof case for Canon G11 / G12
• 1x O-ring
• 1x Sealing glue
• 1x Neck strap
• 1x Arm strap
• 1x Manual

• Before close the case, pls coat around the joint with the lubricant grease to get the good sealing effect.
• Shoot under sea; before put in to the sea, pls put this case in fresh water to make sure the case is completely sealed
• After shoot under sea, pls rinse out the seawater with the fresh water to avoid the seawater erode the case
• For using Canon PowerShot G12, digital zoom instead of optical zoom is proceeded in movie function.